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Dr. Agnieszka Konopka

Agnieszka (Agni) holds a Ph.D. in psychology of emotions, is a writer, a featured Routledge author, and Cambridge University Press Author. She is a therapist and psychologist with 20 years of experience. Agnieszka teaches meditation and facilitates eco-psychological retreats for people undergoing significant life changes. Agni is the founder of Composition Work Method and training, based on Japanese Zen Gardens and Dialogical Self Theory, that uses natural symbols to increase awareness during significant life changes. She is a former Associated Director of Portland Institute for Loss and Transition and co-founder of The International Institute for The Dialogical Self. She is currently finishing Jungle Retreat Book: Eco-psychology of life change.

We need to re-establish the sacred bond with nature to heal the human soul and protect life. Agni

During my 20 month-long forest retreat in India, nature guided me back home to the place of my soul, lost in ‘normal’ civilized-rationalized life. My existential anguish has been transformed into peace through the divine presence that radiates via the tremendous beauty of nature. I share what I have received through writing and nature retreats. 

Dr Agnieszka Konopka (Agni)


Eco-psychological Retreats with Yoga 

Eco- psychological retreats for people who experience significant life changes combine a profound psychological work in nature with ancient spiritual practice of yoga and meditation read more

Jungle Retreat Book

In this book Agnieszka Konopka translates the wisdom of nature into the psychology and spirituality of life changes and offers the reader practices and meditations that deepen awareness and empower people on a personal inner journey of more

Nature Meditations

Symbols derived from wilderness are often exact expressions of our unconscious mind. They help us to dive deeper into the unknown areas of our self and discover those places which are unaccessible via our verbal languague. In result they give us awareness that is especially needed in times of changes, in which we need to find anchors in our selves instead of drifting between pulls and pushes of expectations of other people and cultural norms. read and listen

Forest Poetry

Writing and reading poetry can become a process of self discovery. When you read a verse, slow down, become aware which line touches you and evokes some feelings. Find a metaphor that fascinates you. Contemplate it, stand still, become aware of evoked feelings. Is there something like this in your self? Is there something like that in your life? read more

On-line Coaching and Guidance

read more….