Dr. Agnieszka Konopka

DR. Agnieszka Konopka

Therapist with Ph.D. in Psychology of Emotions.

Nature Retreat Leader & Meditation Teacher

Writer & Cambridge University Press Author Featured Routledge Author

About Me

I am a writer, psychologist, and therapist  interested in promoting and facilitating the sacred, loving relationship between human being and nature. I believe that such relation is as healing as urgently needed in the global transition that the world undergoes nowadays.

 I am an expert in the field of psychology of transition and emotions. I developed the Composition Work method and training, based on Dialogical Self Theory (Hermans, 2001) and contemplative traditions. From 2006 I have been working internationally, in Europe, Asia, and North America, giving training and supervision to professionals and groups of people who are interested to practice the art of composing and recomposing one’s self.

I am a former  Associate Director at the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, where I contributed my specific expertise to the programs, developing the portfolio and new strategic lines. I  have about 20 years experience as a psychologist and till 2020, I had a private practice in The Netherlands, working mainly for expats who experience major transitions. I have a PhD in psychology of emotions, am an author of publications on Dialogical Self Theory, Composition Work, emotions, and transition published in 5 languages. I am the editor (together with H. Hermans and M.Gonçalves) of ‘Handbook of Dialogical Self Theory and Psychotherapy. Bridging Psychotherapeutic and Cultural Traditions’ (Routledge), and co-author (with H. Hermans) of ‘Dialogical Self Theory. Positioning and counter-positioning in globalizing society’(Cambridge University Press).


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