Forest Poetry

from Jungle Retreat Book

by Agnieszka Konopka

Poetry can become a dialogue with your own heart and soul. Read a verse and pick up a line that evokes some feeling or intrigues you. What kind of feeling it evokes in you? Joy, sadness, hope, energy, etc….?What is like that in you life, in your heart, in your soul? Which words speak the most to you? Do they relate to something important in you life?

My poetry comes from a direct encounter with nature. Usually, words come from inner silence. I only know what I wrote after I reading it.  


 Coconut Tree Sanctuary

 A young coconut tree presence in a 100 shades of green

expanding in my mind until it takes all the space

unfolding its arms on the blue canvas of the sky

In the stillness of my mind- its universe expands

when a curtain of thoughts opens up

and the light of presence comes in

it becomes full of life 

its radiant beauty- intense like fire,

burning down my mind into the ashes of myself

from where I am reborn

in the universe of a coconut tree in its green form

Peaceful destroyer, silent Shiva.

When you surrender to its burning presence

you will lose your mind, forget your story

and the Phoenix of your silent spirit

will spread its wings like the fresh fronds of a coconut tree

 The tree does not compromise

it silently asks for all of you and gives all that can be given

freedom and fearlessness

when you see its beauty you are not afraid to die

it shows you That



Re-wild yourself

When my self is empty of knowledge,

it gently holds a seed

that unfolds into a new life.

I find another source of knowing

that slowly guides me

through the dark night of the soul,

until the moonlight will uncover

the richness of the jungle,

where my soul lives:

the wilderness within me.

My spirit rests in presence that knows itself,

shining beyond forms of life,

embracing them in a roar of stillness.

My heart griefs all that I have to let go

to find a new soil for the tree of life.


Love for the Jungle


And how to not love this jungle life?

with its natural drama of a reversed order

of a megabat dance

Christmas decorations, soft furry creatures

A jungle choir waking you up

accompanied by a wild symphony of crickets,

langurs, and squirrels.

water buffaloes, walking lazily

to vanish under the green surface of muddy ponds

sweet cotos, with their huge curved horns

wild pigs jumping on the roads suddenly, spontaneously

green waterfalls of creepers, flowing on the aerial roots

a red white Brahminy kite singing his modern keeyew song

black forked drongo balancing on a branch

 with his black forked tail pendulum