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Meditation on Fear

Observing our fears in the body through physical sensations is the most direct way of knowing them. We need to meet our fears directly, confront them. Then we do not need to meet the world through our fears. Relating to the world through fear makes us fearful. Relating to fear directly makes us fearless.

Meditation on Fear (from the Jungle Retreat Book)

  1. Snake Meditation: Body

When you feel anxious or experience fear, you can use this fear as an object of meditation:

  1. Take a comfortable meditation position and pay attention to your whole body.
  2. How do you know through your body that you feel fear or anxiety? Just watch it with full attention and curiosity, observe how your fear is creeping through your body. Where is it moving? Where do you feel it?
  3. What kind of physical sensations of fear or anxiety do you notice? How can you meet fear through your body moment by moment, breath by breath?
  4. Does it have any pattern or form? Notice its color and texture. Shape, size, weight….
  5. Watch it. How does it change from moment to moment? How does it fluctuate from breath to breathe?

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