Nature Retreats

Reconnecting with nature allows us to re-find our inner nature in times of life transitions and profound changes. 

Re-establishing the sacred relationship between a human being and nature is dramatically needed on personal, spiritual, emotional, and global levels. Psychological connection with nature is healing for one’s soul since it is the most basic life-giving relationship. Our civilization broke this bond and created a deep wound in our souls, hearts, and bodies that needs to be healed. Reconnecting with nature allows us to re-find our inner nature in times of life transitions and profound changes. Ecopsychological retreats with yoga are holistic programs for people who undergo significant life changes. Life transitions take place on emotional, psychological level and spiritual level of consciousness. Addressing them together during a retreat allows to work in a holistic way.  During such nature retreat people intentionally disconnect from civilized life and chronological time. Instead, they engage with nature around and within them, practice presence and deepen emotional awareness. We approach nature as a teacher, guide, and therapist.  The process of transformation and healing unfolds on the basis of this relationship.  Establishing a dialogical relationship with nature is an act of healing. Healing comes from the phrase ‘becoming a whole’. Our psyche needs to be a part of the larger eco-system of nature, part of the living organism to become a whole and heal. 

3-week Jungle Retreat

This retreat is for people who experience significant life changes and search for new forms of living, working, and relating. It is addressed to people who long for a deeper connection with nature in themselves and around.

The retreat starts from a week of meditation focused on emotions and natural symbols, meditation and walks in nature, mindful yoga, and Yoga Nidra. During this week, we cultivate the focus of attention in silence. Apart from this, you will be able to address important questions during an individual session. You will also receive your Jungle Retreat Journal, which includes exercises and essential questions that will help you to deepen your awareness. The two following weeks include group sessions focused on personal feelings and questions. During these weeks, participants who want more intense yoga practice can attend extra Ashtanga Yoga classes, Yoga philosophy classes.

Emotion-focused work, that is an important part of the retreat, allows you to become more aware of what you feel and anchor in your heart and body. Only when you know what you feel will you know what you want or need. Yoga and Yoga Nidra will help you to restore and re-balance your energy. It will increase your awareness and presence. You will have an opportunity to address any essential individual questions during group or individual sessions.

Place and Time: Om Yoga Shala Agonda, India, February and March 2022

Internationally: for organized groups


Dr. Agnieszka Konopka: nature meditations, coaching, psychological work

Yogi, Sanjeev Dutta: yoga, yoga philosophy, Yoga Nidra


One Week Jungle Retreat: Awareness of Emotions 


1 week of silent meditation on emotions, nature meditation and yoga.

Our emotions are the inner compass to navigate the ocean of changes. When the energy flows through our hearts and bodies, instead of being stuck in a whirlpool of our worries, we are free to move on in our lives. This retreat offers a combination of meditation on emotions, nature meditations, and yoga to deepen your presence, find balance and peace in change and uncertainty.

​Purpose of the Retreat:

Developing and deepening awareness of emotions & reconnecting with the healing power of nature.

Place: Om Yoga Shala Agonda, India, 1 March 2022, 7 March 2022




Retreat Practices and Meditations

Jungle Retreat Book