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Jungle Retreat Book:

In praise of the wild wisdom.

‘In my view, nowadays, it is an urgent necessity for humans to reconnect with the natural world in and outside our psyche. We often live as if we were separate from nature. It creates a state of alienation and illusion fabricated by civilization. The soul is a part of nature, and it communicates through the language of natural symbolism. It is nurtured by natural life, as Carl Gustav Jung insisted. But when we disconnect from nature psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, we lose connection with our souls. Our civilization, life in the city, control over the natural environment, and an instrumental approach to the earth separate us from this life source. By being alienated from nature, we become alienated from ourselves. Abusing nature, we abuse our life. Destroying nature, we destroy ourselves.
Our civilization desperately searches for power in abstraction since we are disconnected from natural power. Such abstractions can be money, science, concepts, stories, or imagined futures. Many people lost the connection with the earth, with the animal’s wild and sacred power inside, replacing them with the air of intellect and abstractions. This is a form of “zombification.” The blood of direct perception is filtered by concepts and abstractions, and it coagulates. Blood becomes opaque, and life becomes blank. In this way, societies of zombies are grown. Life disconnected from nature becomes a museum of life, not the real thing.’
From The Jungle Retreat Book, by Agnieszka Konopka

Agni: When the curtains of my thoughts open up, I can be deeply touched by the unspeakable beauty, presence, and abundance of nature. It transformed my own life; it showed me the way back home to my true nature. In this book, I use the lessons of nature, 20 years of experience as a psychologist, and my involvement in the spiritual practice of meditation and yoga to inspire and encourage others on their paths of transition.

Retreat Practices and Meditations

Jungle Retreat Book