The Vision



Re-establishing healing, nurturing, and sacred relationship between a human being and nature are dramatically needed on personal, spiritual, emotional, and global levels. Reconnecting with nature is healing for one’s soul as it is the most fundamental relationship. Our civilization’s breaking this bond created a deep wound in our souls, hearts, and bodies that needs to be healed. When it is cured and nurtured human soul can bloom again!
Any kind of psychotherapy and therapy needs to take into account this fundamental issue.
Nature can become the guide, source of wisdom, and spiritual teacher in changes and life transitions. It offers us the path back to the place of our inner nature, from where a new life can unfold and grow like a sprout.
Globally, healing the connection with nature is a necessity and urgency. Unfortunately, our civilization enhances an instrumental, often abusive relationship with nature. Nature is treated as an object that can serve a human being. People usually place themselves above nature. The abusive way of treating nature by human beings is just a great crime that has to stop so that the Earth and humanity can survive.
Nature retreats are the practices to re-establish, deepen and develop a loving, healing, sacred natural bond.


Re-Wild Yourself

When my self is empty of knowledge,

it gently holds a seed

that unfolds into a new life.

I find another source of knowing

that slowly guides me

through the dark night of the soul,

until the moonlight will uncover

the richness of the jungle,

where my soul lives:

the wilderness within me.

My spirit rests in presence that knows itself,

shining beyond forms of life,

embracing them in a roar of stillness.

My heart griefs all that I have to let go

to find a new soil for the tree of life.


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